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Thank you for contacting us. Please use the contact form below or call one of our offices in Buchs or Baar. You will then be immediately connected with a responsible employee who can answer your questions competently. We can answer two questions in advance: ‘No’, we have neither call centre anonymity nor endless waiting loops to fear. Moreover, ‘yes’, communication at Trans4mation is always as direct and binding.

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Trans4mation Swiss AG
Churerstrasse 35
CH-9470 Buchs
+41 (81) 7501049
+41 (81) 7505031
Trans4mation Swiss AG
Neuhofstrasse 5A
CH-6340 Baar
+41 (41) 7693161
+41 (41) 7693162
Trans4mation IT GmbH
Trans4mation AC GmbH & Co. KG
Trans4mation PM GmbH & Co. KG
Trans4mation SP GmbH
Glashütter Straße 55
01309 Dresden
+49 (351) 501940
+49 (351) 501949099
Trans4mation IT GmbH
Trans4mation BS GmbH & Co. KG
Carl-Zeiss-Ring 9
85737 Munich
Trans4mation IT GmbH
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 5
10178 Berlin
Trans4mation IT GmbH
Hauptstraße 11-13
42651 Solingen
+49(212) 40101290
+49 (212) 40101294
Trans4mation IT GmbH
Sigmundtstraße 1
70563 Stuttgart

How to find us in Baar

This way you can easily find our branch office in Baar. You can find a detailed description of how to find us here.

Anfahrtsskizze Baar